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iLeadership is the remarkable iPad app that expands interpersonal awareness and naturally develops YOUR form of leadership mastery! It is a powerful guide for improving individual and team PERFORMANCE.

iLeadership strengthens YOUR skills!

  • This is a practical and powerful framework for individual, relationship and team performance.

  • iLeadership showcases the actions of very best leaders. Especially those subjective and hard to measure practices, which make such a big difference for the people you work with and the results you celebrate.

  • This application is designed to support your REFLECTION and your ACTIONS to develop human potential. It unites leadership communication and action.

  • All of your notes and leadership reminders are conveniently kept in iLeadership. Notes can also be accessed on your mobile phone and workstations when iLeadership synchronizes with your Evernote® account.

  • The eBook: Connections Leadership, is included FREE with this app. The book does not make reference to APPLE employees past or present. It does provide the foundation to consider and appreciate all approaches to interpersonal leadership.

The eBook: Connections Leadership, is included FREE with the iLeadership app ($19.95 value). The book is a detailed reference for users wanting more background on iLeadership.  

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Inside Out Perspective’s clients are diverse. They extend from established corporations with a workforce in the thousands, to fast moving leaders in niche markets. We appreciate working with multi-faceted groups, companies, as much as with family-owned businesses. What our clients have in common is their inspiration and their eagerness to excel.




"I found Karey’s coaching, through Inside Out Perspective, to be a truly rewarding experience. The effort invested in my leadership development set me on a path to achieving significant personal growth. Karey provided a useful balance of theory and application, and had an intuitive sense of when to introduce additional concepts. The sense of a master plan within each concept had definite place and purpose greatly appealed to me. (…) this blend of concepts, practice and reflective analysis significantly strengthened my leadership capabilities. (…) I have greatly benefited from Karey’s coaching and recommend it to other leaders who have the desire to personally grow and have the openness to accept assistance of such a skilled coach”. 
Bryce Nolan

“Karey brings the highest degree of expertise and professionalism to the challenging tasks of helping senior managers and executives work more effectively with each other and their senior direct reports. The respect and technical skills he brings to bear on the challenges of helping managers be more effective are truly world class. Douglas Burch

“Every coach needs a coach and Karey’s support as my coach has been invaluable. He helped me clarify my vision, solidify my foundation recognize limiting beliefs and leave them behind. As a result of my work with Karey my relationships have improved greatly and I have become stronger than I thought I could be. Thank you Karey for seeing my true potential!” 
Julia James International Speaker, Certified Life Coach & Author 

“Karey is absolutely passionate about his work, and this carries through to how he works with and inspires his clients to achieve at a higher level in all areas of their lives.” Johann Gevers

“I still laugh when I recall when I called ‘Karey’ across the riding arena! 

Success in our increasingly complex multi-discipline work environment can depend more on a team’s collaboration and management of difficult interpersonal interactions in building it’s plan and less on the desire that most of the individual employees have to be seen as top performers. 

Despite the best of intentions of all individuals in a team, how they interact with each other may impede trust, common understanding and common goals, producing a less than desired result. People like horses provide many nonverbal cues as to their feelings about their participation and direction in the group. Horses have no need to cooperate with people, but will cooperate and perform intricate activities, if they build trust and receive clear, concise direction from trainers. 

By working with horses to execute complex activities, we strongly reawaken our awareness of all the nonverbal cues that our fellow coworkers continue to provide in abundance, yet we typically manage to ignore. Learning these skills by working with horses optimizes team performance with improved understanding and collaboration. Provide managers and teams the opportunity to align their innate desire for strong performance with their actual results. 

Thanks again Karey, for the wonderful opportunity to be apart of these events. It has reawakened my childhood dream of being a cowboy. Unfortunately my wife is correct in reminding me that (cowboy) is not where my expertise resides.” R. Gregg Smith

“Using Horses to Change Lives – Equine assisted coaching with Inside Out Perspective is simply the most power coaching experience available. Mirrored through the eyes of a horse there is practical, unparalleled, clarity about how to achieve the most from the leadership sand box that you play in.” 
David D. Johnson


Successful leaders understand, respect and practice the fundamentals in masterful ways.

These principles are introduced and discussed in the book: Connections Leadership. Co-authored by Karey VanBuren, Kristin T. Eggen. Published in 2010 and available as a FREE eBook for your Kindle Reader or your ePub Reader.

Free e-book
The eBook: ‘Connections Leadership’ is included FREE with the iLeadership app ($19.95 value). The book is a detailed reference for users wanting more background on iLeadership.

More information about iLeadership© in the iTunes Store 

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Connections Leadership here: 

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Also written as EPUB or EPub, which stands for Electronic Publishing and is a standard e-book format which is used by all popular e-book readers out there, including Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, iPhone/iPod Touch (using various e-book apps), and more. ePub files have .epub extension.

iLeadership and Connections Leadership
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Much of the modern work practice paradigm slowly but surely drains energy and motivation from leaders. We have seen it over and over: people start out passionate, proud, motivated and highly skilled. During their career a silent acceptance of the old paradigm has settled in – hours spent at the office equals commitment and high performance. All to often, more work is done after hours – it has fully crept into parts of your personal life. These habits provide the leader the false belief that he or she is performing at a high level. High turnover, increasing health problems at all levels of the organization, and it's getting worse all the time.

A vision for today's leaders 

Every human being is seen and treated as a whole and living system, never as a 'robotic' performer that seems to go on-and-on for as long as the batteries keep their charge.

The bothersome truth    

There is no such thing as a 'Berlin Wall' between your professional and personal self. 

When you put duty before self, something will give. Your health. Your relationships. Your joy.


Our promise

As you take the important step from transactional leadership to transformational leadership, important things will start to happen:

  • You’re habits and beliefs will shift. You will see yourself as a living whole, you will master the balance between work and personal life.
  • You will connect with others in a new way. You will learn to recognize the needs that have to be met before it’s too late.
  • You will become a much more capable leader, and be recognized for getting more done than you did before the crisis.
  • You will learn to smell the roses AND be a better, more present and more productive leader at work.
  • You will look back and think: Yes, I have turned this adversity into accomplishments. Yes, I have become a better leader. Yes, I am happier and feel much better. 

Become a leader with new resilience creating long-term value.




The is no greater thrill for Karey VanBuren than when he knows that he’s participated with clients to unlock the hidden value embedded in their company, within the individual and the team. That’s when he’s truly happy.

If you ask Karey about coaching, be prepared; there is no stopping him. He is passion-driven. His greatest joys come from learning, crafting and applying new skills to the growing knowledge body of leadership coaching.


Innovative Leadership Coach 

Karey had been in the business working all over North America (Edmonton, New York, Chicago, Calgary) when he discovered coaching. First, he coincidentally met an old colleague who described this new profession with great optimism; this is tomorrow’s leadership! Karey wanted to experience this for himself. At the time, he was an executive working to inspire and motivate his people even further, and set out to acquire new skills. That had him hooked.

The more he learned, the more he was convinced; ”I love doing this. I see the results. I want to make this my living. I want to become a professional leadership coach!” The bright shining enthusiasm never vanished. Mainly because you cannot stagnate as a leadership coach, you have to stay on top of new learning, new insights. Unique clients have unique challenges, and your coach must be able to meet you wherever you are. Yesterday’s answers don’t apply to tomorrow’s questions.

There is no such thing as ”one size fits all” in leadership coaching. 

Karey never ceases to surprise his clients.

His toolkit can be compared to a magicians treasure chest; he may ask you to come out to play with horses if he wants you to experience the power of your non-verbal communication.

He may show you leadership as an ecosystem, using the interactive model he developed during his time in South of France. He may – oh no, he will – call you on your habitual thinking if it holds you back as a leader.

When he works with you and your team, you’ll get the in-depth understanding of the dynamics of your group of people. You’ll grasp what hinders progress and why, and learn how it can be changed.

Nothing lost – everything gained 

After ten years of learning, practicing, experimenting and experiencing, Karey is now combining all his knowledge to provide clients with what he calls ”breakthrough leadership”.

His heart is beating even stronger now 

He knows that if you turn your gaze from external circumstances to the potential of your employees, you’ll never look back. The best investment you’ve ever made. You’ll need to be surrounded by motivated, passionate and loyal people to meet today’s challenges. That’s the inside out perspective.

Walk the talk 

Karey wants to know his methods work before he conveys them to others - he tries them out. He has practiced non-verbal communication with horses for more than five years. His thirst for learning has led him to systems thinking and relationship coaching. He has been called on his own cause – effect thinking both in his professional and private life, and has left that thinking behind. This new way of approaching any challenge has taught him to always look for a third way: Where’s the starting point for this? What keeps it alive? What’s the alternative path?

By using his own life as a laboratory, he learns more and more about how new energy can be released. How problems become challenges and challenges become opportunities.

The side effect of this, of course, is that Karey never steps out of his role as a curious, enthusiastic and creative leadership coach. He will speak about his ideas until you stop him. A trick is to start to talk about the outdoors. Drop a line about snowboarding in the winter, or hiking in the mountains in the summer, and he’ll change the topic.

But that’s another story.  





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