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iLeadership is about the connections the very best leaders make with people. Those subjective, and hard to measure practices which make such a big difference to the people they work with and results they celebrate. This video is 'brief introduction' to ileadership.


There is a reciprocity in coaching that never ceases to inspire and motivate me.  I experience how the common effort during the coaching process helps and supports leaders of all kinds including entrepreneurs. This in a process that never fails to identify challenges - and solve them according to the client’s goal(s) set to begin with. With 14 years of experience in coaching leaders and entrepreneurs alike, and a book written on leadership - “connections leadership” -  it might sound that I know all there is to know about coaching. That is not so.

Every client needs tailor made coaching and that’s where I find a well of learning and personal satisfaction. For me, coaching entrepreneurs is different from coaching leaders in big companies. Coaching big company leaders is mostly about helping them to find better ways to enhance individual and team performance. Coaching entrepreneurs, like people at SoCentral (in Oslo) is different. Their needs vary and what I can offer is individual support - to help them to keep an eye on the long term goal, consider alternatives to business challenges, and provide support when needed with day-day challenges.

I am in a stage of my life where my values have shifted to create long term gains for society (as with social entrepreneurship). This is why I make the offer to work with organizations like SoCentral and all people creating social improvement.  Karey VanBuren, January 2017

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iPad app (iLeadership) which includes the above mentioned book:

Founded in 2003, we have specialized with: 

Connections in leadership, 
we accompany clients as they develop their form of leadership mastery. This is meaningful for individuals, key workplace relationships, management teams and boards.

Unlocking the hidden value in companies, 
we partner with clients to create sustainable and increasingly positive outcomes. This is meaningful to employees, customers, shareholders and the general public.

Publishing our ideas,
we have an iPad application (iLeadership) and an accompanying book (Connections Leadership).

Karey VanBuren

Chief Illumination Officer

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