Our contribution is to coach ambitious people so that they experience real and lasting impacts with the either the people they care about or the environment they cherish... probably both!

Your Opportunity 

work to promote:

  • raised consciousness
  • radical collaboration
  • creating shared value

This is the place where people translate experiences into more powerful day-to-day efforts. What naturally emerges are the practices which create improvement by everyone involved.

Sustainable and Increasingly Positive 

It begins with a carefully placed nudge by the coach.

As we introduce clients to using an inside out perspective, people become increasingly aware and collaborative. Resilience develops and long-term value becomes more of a driver. Along the way, people always improve their form of leadership for creating sustainable and increasingly positive outcomes.  

Creative Tension

This is the place of healthy creative tension. The place with challenging goals and the coaching support to go there.

What is needed is not a purpose. You already have that and can feel the tension. But what is often needed are new forms of:  focus and discipline – renewed in the hearts and minds of dedicated people.

This takes a compelling story of the company's future and a collaborative process for building the capabilities to achieve it.  The very personal place of loyalty to a collective ambition, which 'reminds people everyday why they want to be at work'.

Tools and leadership skill development 

And it continues with nudges placed by everyone, including the leader.

Should you believe that a way to more success is through better delegation, real sharing of responsibilities, interpersonal problem solving and commitment, better creativity, shared empowerment – then we are convinced that we can help.

Within teams and organizations, there is a time and place for each type of situational leadership. We promote organizational structures, which instill new accountability and new forms of ownership. 

All of our clients learn about iLeadership.  These are the tools which support lasting skill development.  For those who prefer, there is a complimentary iOS app:

Youtube video

iLeadership is a practical and powerful framework for individual, relationship and team performance.

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