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Radical collaboration, an uncommon wonderful  

All the truly great persons I have met (and those learned about) are characterized by what I would call 'radical humility'. In our fast-paced and impatient world this term is far too grandiose. So call it 'radical collaboration'.  

Radical collaboration is characterized by a very small percentage (1-2 %) of leaders. In the book Leadership Agility these people are described as synergists. 

When you encounter a synergist leader, you experience radical collaboration which brings out the very best in yourself. It seems and is wonderful, uncommonly so. It leaves you seeking more. 

One of the characteristics of these leaders is their ability to inquire. Don't misunderstand - synergist leaders are skilled at advocating their own view. Yet they inquire so fully and completely with you that it is soon recognized as an uncommon experience. Radical collaboration positively impacts your life. And this is an uncommon wonderful.